How Accurate Should A Court Transcript Be?

You expect high standards from our Washington DC court reporters. You know that Capital Reporting Company is committed to being the best court reporting company in Washington DC and nationwide. Do you know what drives our success? What distinguishes us from the competition? Well, when it comes to your Washington DC transcripts, it is that our court reporters and transcriptionists have two goals in mind when they do your work: speed and accuracy.

To become a court reporter, the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) mandates that reporters be able to transcribe at least 225 words per minute. Court reporters are able to do this with the use of a stenotype machine. But, with such rapid transcription,how do our Washington DC court reporters ensure that the transcriptions are accurate? The NCRA has set forth a standard of 95% accuracy, so when a court reporter completes his or her rigorous training, that court reporter must be able to produce a 95% accurate transcript. This sounds like an incredible feat, but what is more incredible is that this standard is only the minimum–for a Capital reporter. Our Washington DC court reporters aim for a much higher level of accuracy, as close to 100% as possible.

As a top Washington DC court reporting company, we know that an accurate transcript is essential to the legal proceedings as well as to the underlying subject matter of the litigation. An accurate transcript can save valuable time for all parties. Capital Reporting Company is very careful when assigning reporters and transcriptionists to jobs so that problems other companies experience with accuracy are not problems we face. In fact, in the audio transcription world, we know that attorneys or government agencies often will have to call a court reporting company and ask for a transcript re-write because it did not match the accompanying audio (If, by the way, this happens to you, your court reporting company should offer to transcribe your document anew at no additional charge.). Of course, this should never happen in the first place and luckily this will not happen with Capita, due to our careful screening of our reporters and transcriptionists, and the fact that we work only with those reporters whose professionalism aligns with our high standard of commitment to accuracy.

The standards for court reporting may vary from state to state. The regulations for our court reporters in San Francisco and our court reporters in Washington DC may differ, but you can trust that Capital Reporting Company is committed to accuracy wherever you go. This dedication has earned the trust and respect of thousands of clients, and has made us the only court reporting and deposition service provider to the US Tax Court. See why so many clients trust us, and continue to vote us as one of the Best Overall Providers of Court Reporting & Deposition Services in the National Law Journal/ Legal Times. Schedule a deposition with us today!