Capital provides dedicated court reporting services in Washington, DC and around the US through the work of thousands of highly trained reporters. With two trial attorneys, and a seasoned court reporter at our helm, no one is better able to understand and meet your needs, be it for a court appearance or a deposition. From conference rooms, to government agencies, to private law firms, Capital Reporting Company serves you with timeliness, courtesy, and pride. Our founders boast over 70 years combined experience and understand the ins and outs of the litigation system. No matter what your court reporting needs, Capital is with you through every step of the process.

As outlined by the National Court Reporters’ Association, our skilled professionals produce court transcripts at a minimum of 225 words per minute, with at least 95% accuracy. However, our transcripts are often well above these already rigorous standards. Employing experienced, certified professionals, and state-of-the-art technology, Capital Reporting Company is proud to bring you the following court reporting services in Washington, DC:

  • RealTime court reporting service- With our modern, fully computerized stenotypes, we can immediately translate spoken testimony into Standard Written English, allowing you instant access to a witness’ documented words.
  • Expedited service- Can’t wait 8-10 business days for standard delivery? Capital Reporting Company can provide you with your transcripts in one week or even the same day. Go to your client portal any time, day or night, and use the online form to order your expedited transcript.
  • Rough drafts- Rather than paying for expedited service, you have the more affordable option of ordering a rough digital transcript. These drafts, known as ASCII’s or “dirty disks,” allow litigants faster access to testimony, without having to pay the higher cost of an expedited transcript.

Whatever your need, our dedicated court reporters and case management teams will offer you premium service throughout your Washington, DC deposition. Furthermore, if you are traveling to another state or overseas, Capital Reporting Company provides case management and support as you travel. Our case managers, LitConnect suite, and mobile application, allows you to take your depo on the go. Liaise with your case manager as necessary, connect to your information online, and download transcripts to your tablet or smartphone to ensure your Washington DC deposition runs smoothly. Capital Reporting Company offers 24/7 support. This is just one of the many reasons clients around the US continue to vote us among the Best Overall Providers of Court Reporting and Deposition Services in the National Law Journal/ Legal Times.

Join the 10,000 clients in private law firms and government agencies alike, who trust Capital with their court reporting services in Washington, DC and around the world. Schedule a DC court reporter online or call us today.